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Ummm..I dont think I would want to sit in that..ewww..would feel kinda nasty..If it is good for your skin ..then great..but I would rather have someone rub mud on me in a salon/spa than sit in what would feel like jello...would it still be warm like the water or will it go cold since it is jelling up? :undecided

$24 a pop...:laugh2: :laugh2: little to much for me to spend on a bath..and I know no one around here would go for it.

Bet a big city they would go well though.

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I agree with the 'Eww' camp! On all fronts! First you have to sit in goo and then you have to stir up your own dirty bathwater full of goo?:tongue2: Not to mention what I worry about it doing to my septic/plumbing. How many times have any of you ever had to get up out of the tub for something- like to light a candle you forgot to light, or to get your wine glass you left on the sink, lol... etc. That stuff would be all over you and everything else.

I imagine it would be a great treat in a spa setting- and like someone mentioned already, in big city settings. Fancy high end boutiques- people with money will buy anything at least once, lol. Especially if it's touted as a "theraputic spa" product. But it's not for me.

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