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Oils separating from scrub


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Did you follow the recipe exactly?

Sort of. I figured out the % of everything so I could make 20 oz instead of the 80+ oz (don't have enough space to store that much scrub). Actually, I saw a post about the % and just double checked them. I didn't add any preservative either since I didn't have any. Could I have added the sugar too soon? I waited until the oils started to thicken before I started to add it. Or maybe I didn't mix the sugar into the oils well enough?

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Sometimes it stays stable for me, but most of the time it separates on me also. :undecided

I follow the directions/ingredients perfectly (except reducing it in size), so not sure what's going on???

I've tried figuring out if I've done anything different between batches and nope, it's always the same. Go figure!! :rolleyes2

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