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Question about Pillar labeling


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Yes, you have to label all candles with their net candle weight, as it is deemed a "consumable" good.

I used to have the link handy to the FPLA site (fair product labeling) but can't find it right now.

It's not necessary to list size... but actual weight of the product that will be consumed (ie: don't include glassware)


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Jars and tins are in net weight - the wax, not the wax and glass.

Okay, question about this then. On the site, under 1453-a, it states:

"(2) The net quantity of contents (in terms of weight or mass, measure, or numerical count) shall be separately and accurately stated in a uniform location upon the principal display panel of that label, using the most appropriate units of both the customary inch/pound system of measure, as provided in paragraph (3) of this subsection, and, except as provided in paragraph (3)(A)(ii) or paragraph (6) of this subsection, the SI metric system; "

"The net quantity of contents (in terms of weight or mass, measure, or numerical count)" - couldn't measure be fluid ounces? They say weight, measure OR numerical count....

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On my pillars I use hangtags and since most pillars weigh different I just write the weight on the back of my hangtags. It makes it's a lot more simple than having to print out each lable different. That way I am in the limits of the law. JMO
Maybe you can make it easier on yourself and just label the pillars with their dimensions, if those are pretty consistent.
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