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With my first batch of CP under my belt Mrs MB wants me to do a batch of HP so she can try the soap while the CP batch cures. I don't have any individual molds so I'm wondering if I can just put the whole batch into the log mold and then cut like you would a CP batch? Seems like it should work but figured I would ask first before ruining a batch.


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Yes, it will work just fine. If you're not adding milk or honey to the soap, I would suggest 1 TBL of sugar dissolved in the water before you add lye. This will make your batter more fluid and easier to mold at the end of the cook.

After pouring, bang the mold several times on the counter / table / floor to help remove air pockets.


Edited to add: The bars will last longer if given a few weeks to dry out (they'll lose water and get harder), but you can still use a bar right away. It will just be softish and not long lasting. No biggie if you're in a hurry to use the soap, though. :)

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So MB, did ya make it yet? What's on tap for batch #3?

LoL No not yet. Too much stuff going on. Probably tomorrow morning. Batch #3 is already planned though. It is going to be Mambo as soon as I get my order from Brenda. Damn this is addicting, can't say I wasn't warned though. :P

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