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Michael's Containers


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I bought some of these for Christmas last year - they had plain green or white, and some had Winter designs on them. Very cute!

I did double wick them, but at the time I was just starting with wicking jars, so they did not burn that great....lots of wax left. Now that I have had a little more experience, maybe I will give it another shot! LOL

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Not sure but by looking at pic I would maybe do a 3 wick candle.They might look bigger in the picture though.I also agree they are nice for $1.00.


I am going to test burn it tonight with the two wicks. Just off the top of my head....I think the bases are about 4-5 inches length wise and MAYBE 3 -4 inches width. I think. I will let you all know how it goes.


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I had posted about these somewhere - but without a pic. Bought 18 - filled with spiced pumpkin & spiced orange. Use 2 zinc wicks - spread out a little further than picture posted and it burned fine. They also had Halloween ones at the Micheal's I went to.

Also had these and the ones from Walgreens last year - bought for $1.00 and sold for $7.00 and they flew out the door! Hoping for the same thing this year! We'll see Saturday!

Good luck to everyone selling them!

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