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Candle Science Sale


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I have tried alot of their scents. They are my local supplier. Here are the ones I have tried that work great in soy (CB135):

Apple Jack and Peel

Apples and Maple Bourbon

Banana Nut Bread-I sent out several testers from different companies to a hard to please bnb girl and she picked this version!

Christmas Cedar

Cranberry Marmalade

Fig Forest

Honeysuckle Jasmine

Lavender Cucumber Sage

Macintosh Apple

Mistletoe- tested against MC and Bittercreek and this version won.


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I thought that Marbelized Pralines seemed like a yummy one but didn't see it mentioned. I have alot of those scents but will look over the list again.Been outdoing myself with these sales. I LOVE THEM and these companies offering the sales are awesome.They know it has been a rough year for everybody.Finally gas prices going down after over a year.Still though I know of 5 people who lost jobs this year and worked for over 25-30 years and a couple were not old enough to have retired.One guy only had 1 year to retire and he had 29 years.A supervisor in a big company.


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