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Chemistry Store fo's


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Have any of you tried the oatmeal, milk, and honey from them? Any other reviews would be greatly appreciated.

I will be in the area next week, and they allow local pickup if the order is placed 24 hrs. in advance. This sure would save me $$ on shipping since I have to go up there anyway!

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Their FO's are ok....not blow your socks off strong, nor were they exceptionally weak. Tried the Candy Cane and Bay Rum.

Just don't try to return anything to them, I had a bottle of SLS get smashed during shipping (spread over EVERYTHING in the box). They were not very receptive or polite when I called re the issue.

Just my two scents (cents). :)

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Thanks for the responses. I didn't have to make the trip to Columbia, so I never did get the OMH. The only fo's I have from there are cucumber canteloupe, grapefruit citrus, and watermelon. The first 2 I have used in fbb for my adolescent nieces, and they love it. I also used cycle to do body sprays for them. I used the watermelon in a gel candle and liked it as well.

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