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Wicking a loaf mold?

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I have a # silicone loaf mold and I'm using 4045H wax. I have tried the following with no success. Does anyone have any other suggestions before I pull my hair out? TIA Portia

51-32z - Leaves too much shell

60z - Leaves too much shell and smokes w/tall flame

51-32C - Leaves too much shell

60C - Leaves too much shell and smokes

62C - Leaves too much shell, smokes and has a huge flame

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Yea, that might help wouldn't it Candleman,,,,LOL

The finished candle measures 5 1/2 long x 3 1/5 wide. I'm using 4045H w/1 1/2 TBSP stearic/lb and 1 oz fo. Portia

OK, so that is roughly two 3" pillars

With my 3" pillars I use a 60-44-18Z and they need to burn 4 hours each and they burn completly, consuming the shell as it burns, without a blowout.

The wax you are using has a little higher melt point than the wax I use, but the 60Z should work. About the smoke, are you trimming the wick?

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Thanks Candleman, but I've tried (2) 60z and they carry a really tall flame even from the first lighting. It burns pretty good if I lite it, let it burn for maybe 10 mins, blow it out and trim the wick. I did test (2) RRD 47's and those so far have burned the best, but I think I'm gonna go up to a RRD50 and see what those do.

As far as packaging, I considered putting them in a cello bag with a tie and label, but I think what I'm gonna do is to put them in the loaf pans and use the clear dome type lids and put a tie and label around it. I will post a pic of the finished product once I EVER get finished testing these wicks. Portia

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I have the grubby loaf mold and I believe it's about the same size as yours. I have used 3 Eco 1's with good success on them. The wax I use has a little lower mp than yours I think. I was thinking of trying just the plain loaf types in the pans but I'd rather have them to where I can turn them upside down and look like a real loaf. I haven't quite figured out how to do this and wick them without having to drill holes afterward. I'm not a drilling person lol I have some throw away tins I think I might make one up and leave it in the tin and see how I like it.

Sorry to get off topic here but I really would love to see these.

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PDevine: I use those molds too, but I use the 4045, not the "H" and I can use either an RRD-50 or an HTP-105 in those. I've tried LX-28's in those but they didn't quite cut it...they left a bit more of the shell then I would like, but didn't have any LX-30's left to try those.

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