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Cream Soap-Body Cream-LS


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It was an accident that I made this cream soap. I was going about my normal thickening process for LS and I added too much shredded soap (because i wasn't going by my recipe) and it wouldn't melt...sooo instead of tossing it I thought I'd try whipping it while it was warm and what a pleasant surprise. My husband shaved with it this morning and he said it was very moisturizing and how easily the razor glided over his skin...so he loved it! I thought I would awaken to find it had fallen overnight and had become slime. There is no fo or color I used a few drops of tea tree and lavender and it was diluted with chamomile tea. The whipped body cream unscented as well and there is no color.

When I began all of this my husband wouldn't try anything and ever since he tried my first soaps and then the aftershave..he's starting to request products....riiiight

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:D First Picture is of course LS. The second pic is cream soap and the third is body cream.

:D I love experimenting with LS. I made a very gentle exfoliating facial soap and loved it!

the last pic is the exfoliating cream soap that I whipped only minutes ago

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