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My day..and questions???


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..ok so I set up my booth..it is a bit empty but I have stuff on the way that I can fill in next weekend..

I made candles pretty much all day

cukes & melons

baby kisses

fresh roses

pink shuga



...this is in addtion to the 5-6 batches I made over the last few days.

I am now tired of pouring candles..want to dip in the B&B..lol

I am also out of jars so I don't have a choice..all I have are 16oz ones..:grin2:

I have a HUGE question...how in the heck am I going to take cc's at this place? my cell phone has (0) ZERO coverage in there. :confused: ..I was going to try to do the phone thing and get a plate and slide machine..but now I guess I am back to cash and possible checks...umm not sure on that one yet. The only other option is offering the order/payonline/pick up at booth. :undecided

any ideas..I don't believe I can run a phone line..going to have to talk to some other vendors and see what they do..

I was setting up to day..and they have a coffee shop in there..and I could smell him grinding the beans up and making cofee all morning. YUM!!!!!!!

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What about getting an imprint of the cc's & calling them in later? I've heard a lot of people do that.

what if the card does not go through?

ok..ya know I just need a new cell phone mine is cracked anyway..it is almost 2 years old..and been though alot..lol..yea that is it..that is my excuse for getting a pink razor phone..yea thats it..:D

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I set up paypal with virtual terminal. Then you have the customers fill out a billing address form (that wil be destroyed after)...right down their cvc code, and run through an imprinter. Viola. Come home & do some batch transactions through paypal.

If it doesn't go through, I have their phone # or email so I can contact them. I haven't had any problems yet.

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Ok..think I am going to have to upgrade to virtual terminal in my paypal account..I think that might be the way to go..now I have to get the imprinter and slider..and forms..

Where do I get those..I always got them free when I used Discover..but I am NOT going that route again

..maybe I should put my terminal in the classified..it is a $300 one ..but I don't need it..I like the online versions better.

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