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Do you have some food colors in your kitchen? Those would work. Some will morph in CP, such as blue (goes purple in an alkaline environment, and you can't get much more alkaline than fresh lye soap batter ~ LOL). And over time, when exposed to light, some food colors will fade. But they are what I started out with and fine for batches you don't plan to sell. :)

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Millersoap website makes and sells some soaps with crayons as well as candle color wax shavings. Some of their recipes also say you can use them. so i dont think there is a problem with that. I know my daughter draws on herself all the time with crayons and doesnt have a reaction.......

Heres one posted by Kathy Miller

Mint Swirl with Avocado Oil (Kathy Miller)

37 ounces soybean oil

24 ounces coconut oil

16 ounces olive oil

8 ounces avocado oil

12 ounces lye crystals

24 ounces cold water Temperatures between 90 and 100 degrees.

Add at light trace: 1 oz. spearmint essential oil (2 T.) 1/2 oz. peppermint essential oil (1 T.) 1/4 oz. eucalyptus essential oil (1/2 T.)

To this, I added these, which were being kept warm and melted in a small measuring cup on the stove:

1/2 blue/green Crayola crayon

1/2 forest green Crayola crayon

A little bit of the original oils

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