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2nd set of pics... same jar


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Thanks soapinthecity, I will have to check it out. I gave it to my co-worker and told him upon delivery that the paint will scratch off if scraped, and I cant guarantee that when the candle melts down and warms up, that it will stay on.

I will def. check out the glass etching stuff, I was looking at it before but delayed on trying it, but if this idea takes, it'll be well worth it.

If for some reason I start getting more orders whats the best way to make multiple colors and scents? I know it is off topic to this area but just asking what the best way to go about going from one color and scent to the next? I currently have the Presto Pot which I do everything in but if need be, I can probably buy another when I get enough $$ from it. Ideas welcome.


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The wax is regular glass jar wax, and I heated the glass in the microwave for about a minute to ensure the color didnt do what it did but for some reason it still frosted or whatever its called (mottled?? maybe??)

Well anyways, yea the most success I've had so far is the Yaley Crystallizing wax because its one pour. Not sure about why the color did that, any suggestions would help, all materials used in the making are Yaley brand (not much wiggle room with Credit Card to buy Peaks stuff which I would LOVE to do but just cant afford it) so Yaleys it is :undecided for now.

Well any auggestions on why the wax would do that in a pre-heated jar let me know, I would love to get the regular smooth look, possibly too much liquid scent? I did see a speck or two on the outside of the candle on the jar wall that could be scent, and the adhersion to glass wasnt very well either, no idea whats going on there. Well thanks for any info you can give


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