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Problem with FO in straight paraffin

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Yesterday I made a small batch of votives and just could not get all of the FO to mix in. No matter how longed I stirred, there was still a little bit of FO lurking around in the bottom of my pot. I said the heck with it and went ahead and poured them anyway since they are just going to be for my own use/testing. As of today they do not appear to be leaking any FO, but it bothers me because I know it wasn't all mixed in when I poured.

Used: 16 oz straight paraffin (135 MP), 1-1/2 tsp U.A., 1 oz Peak's Wild Berry Musk FO. Wax was at about 180-185 when FO was added.

Wondering if maybe more U.A. would have made a difference?

Or was this just too much of this particular FO for a pound of wax?

I usually don't have issues with my paraffin votives using the same % of FO and even a lesser amount of U.A.

Not the end of the world, but it's bugging me.

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Is vybar still needed when using UA? If so what is the purpose of the UA?


Vybar and UA do similar things. You don't normally use them together. Both will increase the FO retention of the wax and harden it. UA doesn't make the wax quite as opaque as Vybar does. By weight, you want to use about double the quantity of UA versus Vybar.

That's not to say Candle Man's suggestion is wrong. You could try Vybar instead of UA and maybe that fragrance will dissolve more easily. I wouldn't put all my money on it, but it's worth a try. A few of the less soluble fragrances just take forever though.

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