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Posting more for votive help/ UPDATED pic THANKU : )


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I wanted to update this thread and say thank you to those that posted and pm'd me w/ help. I found the right wick and they're now level :yay:

Here's the final product!


This is my 2nd attempt at votives (I usually do only container candles and tarts). When I take the wick pin out, the bottom part of the candle breaks off...... how do I prevent this?


This isn't burning clean, I used a votive wick 36-24-24C, I only use cottons and have a few HTP's. Is 44-28-18C too big ?? TIA for the help :smiley2:





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I wanted to do this w/ candycorn... they look great!! Love them. Unfortunately, I have no more container wax... I do have votive though. :D

To prevent the bottoms from crumbling off pop them in the freezer for 5 minutes or so... then let sit for a minutes after taking them out, then they should have an easy release. You can also wipe your containers with a little olive oil for and easy release as well. It doesn't harm your candles... don't use a lot, just a little to coat your votive mold bottom and sides....... They are beautiful....

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Since you used wick pins your going to have that little ridge, wick the votive and level the bottom in a warm pan and that should take care of the crumbling and secure your wick.

Hope that helps!

I agree. When I use wickpins the bottom edge sort of comes off. I use a cookie sheet and put a piece of tin foil down in the pan and level my bottoms that way. I find doing it directly on the pan is too hot no matter how low the temp. Put the wicks in first and then it even secures them a little bit better. Trust me I just did this 200 times!!!! Last week I had to make 150 ivory votives and 50 black for a wedding. hope that helps...:grin2:

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