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4 day craft show

Made by me

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All I can say is that it's a lot of work for a little money. :rolleyes2 I was set up at a county fair (has rides, horse stuff, cows, crafts, etc). It started Thursday and went to Sunday night. In total, we were at our booth 41 hours. By the time we paid our booth fees, gas, and misc spending (food, crafts etc!) there isn't a lot left over. I made money, just not what I wanted.

This was my second year doing the fair and I guess alot of other vendors didn't do as well this year. I don't think I'll do it again, I've decided to stick to shorter one day shows from now on.

Oh, BTW, my candles smelled great, but not too strong. I was worried it would overpower the building but it was fine. :grin2:

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I'm sorry to hear things were so slow for you! For two years I debated if I should do our local 7 day county fair and decided against it. I went and watched the people who were trying to sell crafts at the fair but they never sold a good amount because people come to ride the rides and to eat fair food. They also don't want to carry anything when they are walking around for hours seeing all of the sights and animals. Many people come for the whole day and night! Their kids are in 4H so they're stuck!

Our fair has very high booth fee and table fees (no you can't use your own tables!:angry2: )$400+ and they want the money 6 months in advance of the fair.:shocked2:

Some do make back their fees but little else.

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