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shelf life!


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Does anyone know the shelf life on these fragrances. I only use Peaks, BCN, Millcreek and Just Scents. I have a lot of summer samples and I really don't want to get rid of them. They are mostly all florals and fruits. Would it be better if I made them into candles and store them?

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Thanks to all for this info.

As I've said before I'm new to using fragrance in my candles & want to try out lots of different fragrances throughout the years without limiting myself to those more suited to the coming season.

All I need now is a bigger store cupboard & lots more hours in my days!


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Of the hundred or so that i have had, only a caramel went rancid and it was in a clear type bottle. You do not know how long your supplier had it either. It was not premium oil either. I had maples that smelled better then it so i was glad to throw it out....

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