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Customers we could do with out!


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You know I hate to be so negative but do any of you guys have customers that you wish would just leave you alone?

I have a few that drive me insane with stupid questions and expect me to kiss there ass or something and make special blends and "tweek" ( no pun intended) scents just for them!

So my question is, How the hell do you get rid of them?:mad:

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When I am asked to do custom work I explain that it will cost far more, as it is more work than just selling one out of a batch. Most people don't realize that it is only viable to produce in numbers. Explain how much extra work it really is to do a custom order and that they will have to pay for your time to do so. Hope that helps.

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I got to the point where I just finally said no - this is how such and such is made and if you don't like it, go somewhere else.

Well, I wasn't quite that mean lol

You see, there are so many of these gals that have nothing better to do with their time than bother etailers to do this and that for them so they can chit chat on a message board about it. A good majority of them buy from etailers that do NO testing, have NO insurance and flat out don't know WHAT they are doing - so they do things like that for them.

I recently had someone ask me if I could tweak my sorbet by taking out one oil, subbing it for another and then super scent it. OMG, I was like um - no, unless of course you would like to pay for that batch to get tested & then purchase the whole batch of course. *LOL*

Then, to make matters worse, she actually emailed me back asking me what testing means & proceeded to tell me how she has been a B&B owner for years and has never gotten any of her products tested. It still makes me shudder...

Put your foot down - tell 'em NO - then put a smilie on the end so they don't think you are being a meanie *LOL* Can ya tell I've been there?

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Are you talking about those woman on that QVC message board? :P

God they are so retarted! From what I gathered every night these woman would get together and talk about what etailer they purchased from.

Ms, Know_ it_ alls. and Customer service to them meant, " I am special, do what I want or I will tell everyone that you suck and so does your product"

I feel sorry for any candlemaker that ever crossed their path.

I happend to come across their "candleholic meetings" on the messege board and thought to myself.... I wish I knew there real names because I would NEVER sell to them in a million years.

Anyway I think that they are gone now, I think they started their exclusive site. Good riddens!

By the way thanks, I like the idea of making them pay for the testing and buying the whole batch. Usually the ones that want special stuff are cheap as could be, that would put an end to it really fast.

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Yes I have a customer very much like this! She wants me to mix scents for HER to try!:shocked2: I tell her NO! I don't mix anything special for anyone nor to a I color special for anyone. She said she's leave my candles and I said fine.

That was two years ago and she's still going into the tobacco store and buying my candles. Seems she tried many other local soy candle makers and mine were the best in price, size and scent throw.;)

She still leave notes for me at the tobacco store but I just read them, laugh and throw them away.


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