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Jen has all of her fo's back in. You guys really need to check out the Sandalwood Rose! I soaped it and it is wonderful! No A or D. I can hardly wait to get this one in wax. I have high hopes because I would love to be able to have the scent in everything I make. Truely. Here is her description of the scent:Asian Sandalwood combined with sweet Roses and wild Jasmine on a soothing background of exotic Musk. A wonderful balance of these fragrances, each complimenting the other. http://www.oldmillfragrances.com/n-zscents.html

I really, really like it a lot! Amazing because in general I don't care much for rose or sandalwood. They rock in this fo though! :yay:

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Hey, has anyone tried the Olde Fashioned Vanilla Cake?? worth trying, or no??

(hurry please, my fingers are itching to ORDER!)

I have in mind: Baton Rouge (had a request for a Vanilla Oak)

Blackberry Vanilla Musk


Sandalwood Rose

Olde Fashioned Vanilla Cake

Waddaya think, for a first timer??

(do you all typically drop down your % w/ these oils?)

Thanks for helping w/ all these ??!

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The Sandalwood Rose I believe may have been a "type". The thing is I have never smelled the original so I can't help you with any comparison. I does not smell like rose at all to my pitiful nose. For sure if I had been handed the bottle or my soap and asked to describe it I never would have said rose was in it. I don't really care much for rose or sandalwood yet I am in love with this one!

I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

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