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mushy salts, by gosh I think I figured it out


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I had a previous post about my bath salts going mushy/soupy and thought I'd given an update

Original recipe

sea salt

epsom salt

dead sea salt

dendritic salts

sunflower oil

FO & color

test Batches

1. Same as original receipe without the epsom

2. Same as original recipe without the dendritic

3. Same as orinal recipe without dendritic and with silica gel

Only batches 2 and 3 that are without the dendritic turned out well. So, I'm dropping the dendritic salts :cool2: no more bath salt soup for me!

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When I was researching the therapeutic values of bath salts, I read that the Dead Sea salts and epsom salts have documented value. The Pacific, Caribbean, etc. value isn't documented except that many people like the affect on the bath water. There is a lot of material on the value of the Dead Sea salt out there.

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I always use dendredic salts and my salts don't get mushy, I use it to keep them from clumping, which I don't really think they would do w/o it but just for safe sakes I add it
Well I now have a few pounds up for sale if you'd like! ;) I'm really surprised that was the culprit but the two good batches are still fine, not mushy, and not clumping either.
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