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Cut pics, scroll down,my first milk soap :oatmilk and honey

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hello everyone, i made my first milk soap yesterday, milk from oatmeal that i just pass through the blender with some water, then i added honey at trace, and some more oatmilk... it's a sunflower,olive,coconut,lard, and shea soap, 1Lb. i used the oatmilk, and a little water to mix the lye...it turned lumpy, and dark right away, but i kept on mixing, and added more water,milk...then i mixed it with the oils and added the honey, and the rest on the milk, when i added the honey it turned a nice orange color...i pour it in a mold i made, and sprinkle some ground oats on top of it. anyway, here are some of the pics,they're not good quality, because i took them with my hubby's phone.....i'll post the cut pics later....




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Thanks everyone !! hehe, it makes me feel sooooo happy that soap masters like you are posting comments on my soaps !!!!

thanks again, well i cut it already, but my hubby is not here, so i can't take pics...

it's still a little soft, not too much though, the natural smell is lovely, and it has a nice deep tan color, with some white parts, i checked it, it's not lye, i think it's from the milk i added i trace, i don't know......

well as soon as hubby comes home i'll post the cut pics......


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