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My Hubby Is Da Bomb!


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What a sweetie!!! Which Home Depot? I didn't see them in the one on 46 near Jose Tejas (though I could easily have missed it).

And didn't he build some of your molds?

Can I borrow him? Rent him perhaps?

He got it in Clifton, along with a thinner table saw blade so that

he can make me the mold like the Misty Creek, but with thinner

slits and sized to fit the soap boxes.

He did build me log molds before and he was on the hunt for a

knife for the new mold.

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WOW!! That was nice of him! I never thought of using one of them to cut soap..........I have a bucket full of all different sizes of them that we used when we built this house. Now I am going to have to go find that bucket!

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Your hubby is doing well under your tutalige. What next?

Well, he's not making soap like yours, LOL, that much I know for sure. If the mold is a success, he may make some for sale. I'm supposed to get a prototype this week. I love the boxes and soap sized to fit them would be perfect!

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Hey now, I only got 2 batches out of him and one of them was hideous looking. Soaped great but was hard on the eyes. Since then, he lost his soaping passion as short lived as it was. I think he didn't like me telling him what to do and him having to admit I knew more than he did. It was all ego that drove him away I'm telling ya! LOL Oh well, he likes to package and shrink wrap so it works for me.

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