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When did candle making...

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Become so CONFUSING???:confused:

After I got out of the military. I needed a hobby. I decided that since I love candles so much, that I would enjoy making them. Which I did. I found some place online that gave basic instructions. This much steric acid, that much scent per how much wax.

Now I am in a very high stress job, and my managment told me I need a hobby. I actually got marked down in my annual review for working too much. After much thinking, I remembered that I do have a hobby! I loved making candles!

Now this has become so confusing, testing wicks, testing wax. I have a lot to learn from this very compitent group. I have been looking at your FAQ boards, so, so, so very much to learn! Thanks in advance for any assistance . Do any of you have a recommendation of where to start again?

Oh and to start my self back off again.... my hubbie threw away all of my old molds!!!:mad:

Sorry for being long winded!

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Welcome back to candlemaking! Think of all the testing as a challenge instead of work. I'm sure those basic instructions still work, there's just a lot of variables. I'd look for a kit. If you get one for pillars, it should come with a mold. Good luck! There's lots of great information and knowledgeable people here!

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Yeah I thought the same thing at one point so I got to be a wick junkie and then a FO junkie while also becoming a mold junkie and a color junkie. Put 'em together and I should be all set right? ;)

Welcome back. Start from the beginning and wade your way through. You may find not all that much has changed. It just looks like it.

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Pretty much because there is so much mis-information out there and also because there is a lot of junk out there for people to buy. You have all these different "pre-blended" waxes -- gone are the days of some para and some ster. acid. (or Vybar) -- and fragrance. Today the carrier for the fragrances are junk that clog wicks and cause trouble. People got scared of zinc (don't trust it to not be lead) -- so you have all different paper cores, etc.

Things have just gotten complicated, because there is a more complicated list of things out there.

If you stick with the basics:

Wax (raw para)

Vybar (Sterine if you're super-crazy hardcore)

Wick (sized to size of mold or container)

Scent (if scented)

Dye (Powder or chips for newbies)

Don't forget your can of silicone spray.

UV If you must... but I think Vybar helps -- most don't agree.

(Clear Crystals -- makes wax glow more, is fun to toy with)

Anyway... have fun, and play. Don't look at it as testing = bad. Look at it as the mad scientist. I've been making candles full time for almost 20 years. I've watch A LOT of trends... in the end, you can do almost everything and anything with the basics.

I know I don't make friends here by saying this, but do yourself a favor and don't waste your time or money on these "blended" waxes.


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Welcome! Yeah, it sure is more confusing these days because there are so many types of waxes and wicks available, compared to in the past where there weren't so many varieties and choices. But these more complicated ingredients do make better performing candles, so it is worth it. Maybe if you like what you get in your starter kit, you could continue using those same ingredients; it would certainly simplify things that way.

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So let's spend his money lol! :tiptoe:

:laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: LOL..yep..got get yourself a container kit, a pillar kit, a votive kit, ahhhh heck throw in a lotion kit and a lib balm kit while your at it..thats what he gets for throwing perfectly good candle stuff away..:D

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Back when I started (when I was a teenager), all that was available were some basic paraffin slabs and stearic. Now we have so many nice wax blends available ... blends for containers, for pillars, vegetable waxes, etc. Yes, a bit more complicated and challenging, but the results are so much nicer. It's worth the effort to learn, IMO. Happy candlemaking, and welcome back to one of the coolest hobbies ever! :cool2:

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