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Muskoka Boathouse


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Stupid FO discoloured on me and ruined my swirl. Oh well, live and learn. Made this just for dear hubby, was planning on the background staying white. Scented Muskoka Boathouse (cedar and saffon). Love this scent, hope hubby likes it too.


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Great job! You're being WAY too hard on yourself, those bars are terrific! And I'm very curious about that fo now. I'd never heard of that one before, but it sounds interesting & I'm always trying to find scents that the guys like. Guess I'll head on over to canwax and order yet ANOTHER box of stuff that I'm gonna have to hide in the dog house til hubby goes to work! Poor dog. He can never get in his house during the days anymore, lolol.

Thanks for sharing!

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