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Anyone know

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I use Diamond Dust glitter. Just paint mod podge on the candle and sprinkle with the glitter. Here's a pic of some I did a few years ago:

Trae, How do those burn with the glitter on them?

I would think the very tiny (almost like sand) glass beads would work and no worries about catching fire either.

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I recently got some of the dazzle dust from RE but haven't used it. I also got a similar substance from the Chemistry Store a few days ago. Not sure what I'm gonna try with it or if it would work for you.

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Pourette has the diamond dust and it is much finer that the Michaels one. I leave the wicks long and hold the candle by the wick and spray with adhesive, wait a minute and then roll in the "glitter". I stopped applying it to the top of the candles and just did the sides when I found it can change the way the candle burns. It is actually a crushed glass product and at shows people just had to touch them even if I had a sign that said do not touch!!! my fear was that is could get into someone's eyes or if they had it in the kitchen, food, or a small child getting a hold of it, so I quit doing them to sell, just for myself for the holidays.

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