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cant smell fo


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p.s. carol, i think you and i are becoming fast friend. you seem to have become my personal soaping encyclopedia. thanks alot.:grin2:

Oh no, I'm just a soaping newbie. That means I've done a LOT of research recently, and I've made (and learned from) a LOT of mistakes! I am not particularly knowledgable... trust me on that!

There are many genuine experts who chime in when I screw up (thank God), and who have a lot more knowledge to share.

I am still in the beginning stage of soaping and just excited to share what I'm learning as I figure it out!

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I don't generally use 1 oz pp of oil. I would have used 2 oz ofr a 3lb batch.

It might come back around. Give it some time to cure. If not then I would try rebatching adding some FO and if still nothing then I would say that the FO isn't holding up and try it maybe from another supplier

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