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The IGCA Convention

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The IGCA (International Guild of Candle Artisans) convention in Oklahoma City was fantastic! I highly recommend that everyone make the attempt to go next July to the convention in Boise, Idaho!

I met Teklacreations and The DallasDean and I am sure I met others but didn't know their name here.

The workshops were great and when you pay the participation fee, you get to make and keep the workshop project. I signed up for every time slot that was available and learned so much. Things to get to working on now at home and some new ideas on equipment to use that will save time was the most valuable to me.

There were vendors there too that support the IGCA and they were giving talks and samples of their products. Also there was a vendor night in which you look, sniff and purchase items. It was great to see the faces behind the voices I have talked to.

The IGCA also has a competition that I was hesitant to enter and my son finally talked me into entering. He pointed out that the judges will critique my candles and I can find out how well I am doing or what I need to revamp to come up to standard. There were 79 candles entered into the contest classes and there were so many great ideas and methods used. You keep your candles under wraps and no one sees any entries until you are called in by the competition chairman.

As I was waiting my turn to enter, nervous and wondering what in the world I was doing among candlemakers that had years of experience on me, my turn was up! I stood up and took a step toward the exit door, thinking I have to get out of here and forget this, but I turned back and entered the closed booth and entered 3 classes, Scented Votives, Externally Decorated Candles and Candles made in Containers.

The judging was that night and the next day after lunch the competitors could go in and see the entries and pick up the judge’s score cards. The first class was the votive class and I won a first place blue ribbon with a score of 98! The next class I had entered the Externally Decorated, my chocolate covered brownie with an ice cream scoop won a first place blue ribbon with a score of 96! I was shaking with shock and then walked to the container class, which was the biggest class I think, I had another first place blue ribbon and best of class, a 100 score! I lost it there, crying and so ecstatic that I did so well and in my first competition!

I do recommend that everyone try to come to the next convention to learn and compete. The IGCA works very hard on promoting safety, techniques and they believe in sharing and teaching. I can’t say enough complements on this Guild and how they work with each other and their members. I want to thank the board, the host and co host of the Oklahoma City convention on making it a lifetime memory!

Adding photos finally!

Thanks JulieK for taking these pictures!




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Alllllllrighty...You CANNOT do that do us! You HAVE to post pictures of all three. That is an order! or I will look into have your titles stripped!! :D Seriously, I do want to see pics! Huge congrats...I got a mile wide grin just reading your story. I can imagine you are still on cloud nine!

Glad you had such a good, informative and award winning time! And don't you just love the Dean? I fell in love with him in Lufkin!!!!

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Hey candlebug,

Did you make it home with all your candles. I put all mine on the table and took pictures. I started making the snowmen but I have to get some stuff for eyes. I had so much fun. Michael is a hoot. You guys messed a lot of fun and knowledge. You need to try and make it next year.


Thekla's Creations

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Congratulations on the 'big win'!! Sounds like you had some stiff competition and came out on top! Isn't Michael a doll? Wish I could have gone to IGCA - Texas was great fun but sounds like you got to learn lots also.....the workshops sound great. And POST your winners!! Congrats again!

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I just had one that got some dents in it but I had lots of bubble wrap that I came with.

It was so much fun learning different things and techiques!

Micheal is one of a kind and so funny! During the auction he was bidding on so much stuff and he was making me giggle with his bids and comments! I was so wore out toward the end of the auction, being a runner, but it was fun!

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My daughter fell in love with my raspberry pie. She wants me to make more now. I did order some molds today.

The auctions was fun. I was biding on stuff I didn't want 'cos it was so hot that I was fanning myself. My daughter loved her purse that Alice made. She put all her stuff in it that night.


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OK...what are ya'll up to???:P

Thanks for the nice comments, ladies. I think that I had the most fun of all. It was a kick meeting up with the CT'ers....at both conventions. What a GREAT group! I couldn't help but notice you could follow the fun/laughter and almost everytime.....it was the group from CT. The reality is that without you ladies, there wouldn't have been much fun or laughter happening at all in Lufkin...you WERE the convention!! Not to say that there were not other nice people there...they just weren't quite as "relaxed/laid back".:wink2:

CONGRATULATIONS Candlebug and Thekla! I was SO HAPPY for you BOTH and proud of you for entering the judging /competition! You inspired and motivated me to want to enter competition in Boise.( wait...they don't judge tarts..J/K) The judging was FIERCE, and the competition was tough. There were some amazing entries and after seeing what was there, I am really proud of you! They take the judging very seriously, with very specific criteria. Your candles looked so perfect. (the pics just don't do them justice)

I,too, have learned so much. Never thought I would see the day when I had the opportunity to experience a one on one carving class. What patience John had! I REALLY loved that class.

Jo was my favorite teacher in O.C.. Very professional and a wealth of knowledge. Her sand candle classes ( I attended all three) really inspired me to think outside the box and try some different things. The possibilities are endless.

I think I walked away with good information from all the classes and would encourage anyone that likes/wants education to attend the conventions. This was the IGCA's 42nd convention. I think it is a good organization to support considering the longevity and focus.They NEED new members and for what you receive, it is worth it to join. Don't you think?

I feel like I have met new friends and mentors at both conventions...And they say you can't make "friends" from a message board!? I think we are all off to a good start. Thanks for the generous reception from you all!

Oh and the auction? I have enough IGCA teeshirt wear to clothe the Venetian Boys Choir, and enough Duct tape to......


Still can't believe I wound up with the CASE of freakin duck tape (duck tape tee shirt included) with every color in the rainbow!:wink2: I am still mad at Jan for getting the flip-flop pillows!

Hats off to Doneen for AMAZING patience IMHO Excellent choice for President. She SERIOUSLY contributed to this convention and yes, she is a vendor, but went way beyond the call of duty as did Kimmy.

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