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Product Return Policies

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Ok guys and gals,

What are your policies on product returns? Do you ever feel like one customer is trying to take advantage of the situation? frown.gif Or that there is "no pleasing" this customer whatever you do? :P What is the best way to handle someone like this, without possibly hurting your future sales? e.g. Someone bad mouthing your product! Thanks for any replies!

Beverly S

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My return policy is that if not satisfied, the customer may return the product in its original packaging to me within 14 days of receipt of merchandise for an exchange or future store credit. Shipping charges are not refundable. I've never had a return yet. (Knock on wood).

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Our return policy is that if a product is defective a customer must return it within 14 days of receipt of the product.

Since our products are hand made to order we do not accept any returns based on dislike of scent etc.

We have had a few people state they couldn't smell a candle and we have asked for it to be returned and it's been fine on our end scented a whole room. We just kindly return it with a small free gift and let them know what we found. So far there has not been an issue.

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My policy (and thank goodness I haven't had to use it but maybe 3 times since I started in 2002)


*We do not accept returns on special order items*

You may return NEW, UNOPENED items by Kristine's Shower within 30 days of delivery for replacement, paypal refund or store credit. Due to the delicate nature of our product, we cannot accept returns on opened/used items.

Call 815.667.3499 or email KristinesShower@aol.com before returning any product. Any returns without personal contact will not be honored.

When shipping orders back, please make sure that you pack things as well as we ship them to you. We reserve the right to refuse returns and all decisions made by us are final.

There will be a 25% restocking fee on all returns that meet the return criteria.

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