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Superfat question


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Susan Miller (Cavitch), in her books, recommends superfatting at about 15%!!!

SoapMaker has the default at 6%, soapcalc at 5%.

What level of superfatting do you GENERALLY use for your soaps?

At the high of a %, it's also why she recommends using grapefruit seed extract or vit. e - to keep the excess butters from going rancid too quickly. I keep my % between 3 - 6% depending on the recipe.

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Just to be sure I understand, a high superfat:

1. leaves more oil for your skin, so can be less harsh

2. makes soap softer

3. makes bars not last so long

4. would possibly allow soap to go rancid

any other pros/cons?

I think that #2 and #3 can be debated depending on what type of oils you are using.

I do not think that "harsh" is the word that I would use. You may get more benefits from the oils that are not saponified.

#4 I agree with.

I superfat at 5%. I have noticed more soap 'sweating' if you superfat too much.

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This is what it means to me:

The fats in the soap take x amount of lye to saponify.

Adding oil above the given number against the x = superfat.

You have no way of knowing which of the oils will remain


Adding at trace is not a guarantee. Should it be a short

shelf oil that remains unsaponified that would add to the

rancidity factor.

Back to the Q, yes 1-4 look correct and I generally use 5%.


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