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Since when is this safe?????

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I think I've read somewhere that you can melt soy in the microwave. I'm not sure why or how it's safe to do so, but that just sticks in my mind for some reason. I personally wouldn't do it, but if someone else wants to burn their house down, who am I to stop them?

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Micheal's advertises their $7.99/lb soy wax flakes as such. The advertising is probably to encourage an ease-of-use (convenience) image. It'd be easier to sell that in a plastic clamshell that trying to get people to buy the pour pot, thermometer, etc. too.

Apart from whatever safety issues may exist, nuking to melt the flakes doesn't seem like it would lend much to consistency in candle making.

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Why are you under the impression that it is not safe? Just curious.

As long as you don't heat too high, and keep temp within safe range, what would be the problem with it? Heat to 180 is heat to 180...does it make a difference how it is achieved?

I hope not!! ;)

I just was always told never to melt wax in the microwave. Maybe it is different with soy wax. I didnt know that is why I asked! I was just asking for future reference for myself. If soy can go in the microwave then it does make life easier :smiley2:

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You have no idea how convenient it is to just pop in the microwave.

It is so much more pleasant. Though I find that the Presto pot melts an awful lot of wax in a much shorer amount of time...by weight. It surprises me how fast it melts. But, I do love that microwave! :)

How come you can't put paraffin in the microwave anyway? I was not aware of that.

What about the parasoys?

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Welcome, Sheesh! No such thing as a silly question, how ya gonna learn if you don't ask....we don't bite! Well, most of us don't bite. ;)

You know, now that you mention it, a gas stove is probably the only thing that I would worry about. Presto Pots are great, especially for larger batches. I don't know that I'll ever get passed the pyrex in the microwave oven though. It is just too convenient. I'm working on a spot in my house to work from, so I need to re-introduce myself to the presto.

Good luck to you!

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