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The soap bug's work

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Well here is one of each of the soaps I have made in the last few weeks... Man this is addicting... I have about 5 more batches ready to go in my head lol...

From top to bottom Left to right:

A seriously messed up batch of my blend of Cucumber Papaya (stupid sb was stuck on turbo and i didnt know) -4 batch ever

Raspberry Guava - second batch

Lavender Vanilla - 5th batch... I am sure that this one will discolour due to the vanilla... but it was just made yesterday with lavender buds on top

Kaluha Cafe O'Late- 6th batch... this one has cocoa powder on top

"Snuffy Buster" - My versoin of a vicks type soap for colds and allergies 3rd batch

Chocolate Marble Fudge: My almost fully cured first batch... discoloured to a nice brown but I love it!!

Thanks for looking


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thanks for all the nice comments.. I am pretty happy with this set of soap... and it will soon grow lol...

The blue colour was made with a bright blue oxide.. I am not sure where it is from... and right now its MIA... probably with my crinkle cutter some where... I AM SOOO MAD!! lol

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