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I'm new at this....Hot Scent Throw from Small Container Candle?

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Hi everyone...

I attempted to make my first candle the other night. I used Candlewic's Lavender Freesia scent - 1oz in 1 lb of GenWax 128 container wax with 1 tsp vybar.

I poured it into a small container - 5oz or maybe a little more. I used the wick that they recommended at the wax store (I don't have the exact number with me). The cold scent throw was really good but the hot scent throw was not great. The melt pool was good....wax melted up to the sides of the container. If i put my head close to the candle i could smell it, but the fragrance didn't fill the room (bathroom), which was my goal.

I didn't let the candle cure before lighting it...could that be it? Or maybe I need a bigger wick because of the high % of fragrance? The wick is the recommended size for the container.

Any insight would be really helpful...thank you so much!

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Maybe you should light it and have someone else judge on how the scent throw is. Almost everytime I test a new scent, I can hardly smell it. But everyone else says it's very strong. It could be because you've been around the scent so much that you've become kind of ammune to it. I'd get another opinion before adjusting wicks, etc.

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I actually burned it again last night for a couple of hours and the scent of lavender completely filled my bathroom! It was great! Maybe i just need to let it sit for a day or two. I put the wick in crooked (This was my first candle!) so it's leaving a little bit of wax around one edge but the rest looked good.

There was a little bit of black smoke coming from the wick. Does anyone know that this could be from?

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Scented candles will smoke more than unscented ones, and if your wick was a bit wonky, it's probably just that so I shouldn't worry! Although if this happens again, I'd try a different make of wick and see if that helps.

BTW, I always let my candles cure for at least 48 hours before lighting. Who knows why, but it really does make a difference!


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