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Peaks' NEW Wild Berry Musk


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DH took a run to Peaks today and brought me home a sample of Peaks' Wild Berry Musk and Tropical Tuberose. The Wild Berry Musk isn't even on the website. I have to say that this one OOB smells really nice. It's kind of heavy of the wild berry and could use a wee bit more musk but I think it will be very nice in B&B. I really like this one and can't wait to try this one. The Tuberose smells like Tuberose. I'm not a big fan but DH just it. He loved both of these. He said they had about 6 new ones and he liked these 2 the most. I just got this today so can only give an OOB review which I know sucks. I had to teach the hubbie that 1 oz (unless it is a freebie - I'll take those any day!!) are a waste of my time. He got a very quick and pointed lesson. :laugh2:But I also had to brag that I have an FO that is not out yet!!! Neener neener neener. :whoohoo::cool:

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I don't really have enough to put it in wax. That is why I hate 1 oz samples - I do B&B as well as candles so I want enough to test in all. It really is a nice FO that wouldn't surprise me if it did change in the wax and the musk came out more. You just never know what you will get. I asked DH what the other new ones were and he couldn't remember.

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