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Anyone buy from The Gel candle Shop


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Where are they? I've bought so much stuff from so many people. Lots on ebay. Got burned a couple of times. Have bought embeds and paid priority shipping that took almost 3 wks.

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they are in Florida - I wouldn't recommend them on their customer service - I have emailed twice and called 5 times - and still can't get anyone - I am even wanting to add to my current order - guess they don't want my money! Their FO are pretty good though..

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I've tried calling 5 times - left messages - since the 21st and emailed - maybe they're tired of hearing my messages ;)

I hope they come through - their FO really are good - I've bought some samples from other places to test just in case.

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Yes, I did hear from her - but it gets worse.

Here's a recap - I ordered on the 1st of June and received it on the 21st - not too happy with the length of time - but I was ok with it - she included a note stating one FO was on backorder and she didn't want to hold the rest any longer - she would mail it when it came in.

I then realized I forgot to order a FO, so I called her and emailed her from the 21st through the 28th - I left 6 voice mails and 3 emails. On my last email she finally replied (on the 28th).

This is what I sent - in blue (her reply is in red)

> I have tried contacted you via phone and email since last Wednesday the

> 21st. I placed my order on June 1 and didn't receive it until the 21st.

> There was a note stating the Lavender is on backorder and you will mail it

> when it comes in. You charged me for it and the shipping already. I

> tried to contact you regarding the status and to spend MORE money with you

> by ordering a 32oz. of Sugar Cookie; however NO one has contacted me and

> this is begininng to get a little frustrating. I need to be able to rely

> on my suppliers to get me the product I ordered or to at least care enough

> to keep me posted. So please contact me asap and let me know the status

> and so I can add the sugar cookie to be shipped at the same time. If I do

> not hear from you this time I will have to ask for a refund and pursue

> other options.

I do apologize...I apparently left a message on someone else's machine

Friday. Got your messages and I will give you a call tomorrow (today),

when I get back from my doctors appointment. Gotta get glasses.

I checked with the manufacture Friday on the status of our lavender

backorder & the message I left on whoever's machine, is that once in a

great while there are a few times that we get back ordered on a fragrance

due to the availability of the seasons crop since our fo's are so close to

the essential oils as possible. I have to wait or settle for a lower grade

with less of the pure oils and lower quality.

I'd rather wait than compromise our quality.

They expect the truck to be in the middle of this coming week and then

just a few days to ship to us.

I do apologize, it's usually not several weeks on back order.

I got your message about the Sugar Cookies.

Do you want me to go ahead and send that?

Do you want to substitute the Sugar Cookie for the Lavender and then

reorder the Lavender in a few weeks? Or do you still want it too as soon

as it comes in. Let me know asap and we'll get it out to you if you need

the Sugar Cookies like yesterday.

As always, thank you for you continued support and again, I apologize..I

thought you got my message.

I will double check by phone tomorrow.

Thanks bunches,


I replied and thanked her for the apology and stated that I still want both and we can go over the details when she calls me. Now it is Saturday and I have not heard from her - no phone call like she stated. When I first read her reply I was ok - I like her FO and thought everyone has an "off" day - or days - but now I just don't want to deal with her - there are too many other companies I deal with that are very customer friendly. I will be testing other companies FO so I can drop her!!

(Sorry for this being soooo long);)

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No problem with the length. I was just curious if you ever had a resolution. I like to be aware of wacky stuff. That's still not as wacky as the excuses I got from Kandies the last couple of times I ordered from her. This last time, it was a doozy. Too unbelievable. I had been so happy with her things in the past. I have to wonder if she is not going through some personal crisis. Her website just said she was downsizing to spend more time with the family. That's such a "politicians" remark.

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I have a supplier that I purchase items from that takes 4-5 weeks to get my order. I really hate it I thought I had been taken because I called & emailed and did this over and over until I finally got a call back. I was so mad. I finally received my items and was very happy but the wait is a killer. I am wondering if these suppliers are real companies that work 8-5 Mon-Fri. or if they do this on the side. I have questioned a few people if I can get them on the phone, as to how big their company is and alot of them say they do this part-time and have full-time jobs doing something else. That is why it can take a few weeks to get my order. That really sucks!

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My experience with those that take a long time hasn't been positive. They indicate that shipping will be fast and charge for priority. If you have an item for sale on ebay shouldn't you have it ready for shipping when it's over? I think if it's gonna take weeks to get a product in the mail you should say so.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I finally got through and we worked it out - she had some personal issues to attend to and stated it normally does not take this long to reply back.

Things happen - it's life so I am just sooo happy because I do love her FO.

Thanks for everyone's feedback:D

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