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Hot Baked Apple Pie


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How about Apple Pie (BNL) from BCN, and also Apple Pie from the French Color and Chemical Collection at BCN. I've heard that both of these fo's are exactly like Home Interiors Baked Apple Pie. :drool:

Any opinions/suggestions/feedback; I'd really appreciate some help. :highfive:

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Just Scent's Hot Baked Apple Pie is awesome in paraffin. I'm going to have to put a "Do Not Eat" label on them.

WOW...I use J50 and I cant get HAP from JS to throw worth crap. Smells great OOB but no way in wax. I made the mistake and used it in a fundraiser...I had to replace SEVERAL cases of candles!

I second PEAK HAP....it throws awesome in wax as well as 100% soy! I also like BCN and Tristate.

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