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Tilted Layer Help and 1 other ??

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What is the easiest and best way to make the tilted layers? Do you wait and let the wax set up a little before tilting or do you pour it in the tilted mold? I tried pouring it in with mold tilted and that wasn't very easy to do.

I'm making cup cake candles and was wondering how or what I could use to add sprinkles on top.

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I tilt my small pillars ( 3 X 4 ) in a bowl and pour.. I know that I have seen some people on here that have had made their own device that helps for the tilting process, but that is what I do.

For the cupcake thing- I actually use sprinkles from the store and never had problems!


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I've only done a couple....one was in a loaf pan full of rice and the other was in a bowl of beans...uncooked of course! :laugh2:

I do these all the time. I use dried beans in an 8" X 8" pan from the dollar store. I tried sponges, towels, all kinds of stuff. This way is easy, cheap and it works! I use the same method for regular pillars. I wick my seamless molds, so the bottom is not level. I can get it perfectly level on a layer of beans.

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