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Just a silly thought

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I was pouring candles today.... over the past 2 weeks I have poured 400 which is ALOT for me. While I was pouring and my back and feet were aching and my baby/tummy was saying just eat the damn yummy smelling candle I thought ----- and why does it say "pour slowly" when filling the jars with wax. - how slow is slow? I thought of alot of reasons that MAY be why the wax directions say to pour slowly into the jar but - huh does it matter? Just wondering if anyone has any input on this.

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WHOOO HOOOO --- I am giving it a try next pour at "normal" pour speed - I actually stand there everytime trying to be as patient as possible but man --- there is not enough time in a day to pour slow LOL.

I had thought of all the reasons listed plus some, jar adhesion, wick adhesion, and some more I cant think of now.

To me splashing some soy on me would be fine to get the quickness of just pouring the wax into the jar. + with soy you normally are pouring at a temp that wouldnt be sooo bad to get a little on ya.

Thank you all for chiming in --- anyone else feel free to add on.

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I seem to get bubbles no matter what I do....pour hot, pour cool, pour fast, pour slow, heat wax over 160, heat it under 160......get that with a couple of waxes I've tried, however one is better than the other.

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