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how to make body butter harder?


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OK, I'm trying to make body butter...there were some great ones in the recent swap I was in. This is my first time to try it! I used CindyM's receipe and subbed with what I had on hand. It is great, like a thick lotion, but my sister is wanting me to create something for her like Victoria's Secret body butter, which I understand is harder, something that you rub your fingers across more than scoop out...does that make sense??

Anyway, here's how I subbed stuff. If anyone has suggestions on making this harder, I'd really appreciate it!

15.6 ozs Water

1.5 ozs Steric

1.5 ozs E-wax

3 oz FCO

1 oz cocoa oil

1 oz poppyseed oil

2.5 oz olive oil

3 ozs shea butter

.3 ozs Fo .3 ozs Liquid Par Optima

.15 ozs Vit E

.15 ozs cornstarch

Thanks again for any advice!


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There was a thread somewhere that for body butters you need to just glide your fingers over the surface to pick up just a little to apply, otherwise it's too greasy (if you scoop up a bunch and slather it on). I think that's what Heather is talking about.

But if it IS a lotion bar you want, those we can do too! They're easier cause no water = no preservative!

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