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How much does it cost YOU to make a bar of soap?

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The simple way would be to take your recipe and figure out how much each ingredient costs, then add it all up. That would be the cost of the whole batch, and if it yields 20 bars of soap, then divide that result by 20. I call it the simple way, because it doesn't factor in the costs of utilities and other overheads. For that you would need to make a guess, maybe add something like 20% to include packaging, labelling, and utilities.

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I just use a spreadsheet. First, I figure out what 1 oz of a particular ingredient costs( the ingredient+the shipping). Then, I put down a batch recipe in ounces, multiple it by the $/oz, total it up, divide by the quantity the batch made...

LOL suds types faster than me lol...

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I understand how to do all the division, I get the idea but it would be so much easier to just type in numbers and have it done for you wouldn't it!

It just gets difficult when I buy 3L of olive oil, but the grapeseed comes in mls, the coconut oils and butters come in lbs.....


$10lb for 1 lb cocoa butter

6.99 for $750 ml grapeseed

$20.59 3 L olive oil etc. etc

So should I figure out how much in oz it all is and then how many oz I use in each batch of soap? Is that the first step?

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Yes that is the first step. It will take some time to set up the type of spreadsheet Robin described. But once it is set up, you can just update the prices each time you re-order something (if the price went up) and it will automatically re-calculate your cost for you.

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