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Differ types of E-wax ??


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I hope someone with more experience can chime in with some good info for you. The e-wax recipes I'm familiar with call for the e-wax to be melted in with the oil phase, and then the oil phase to be whipped/combined with the water phase.

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As far as I know, because it is a wax, it isn't going to melt in the water. If you are using it for a lotion or butter, you melt it with your oils and such. Of course I am all new to this, so these are just my thoughts on this.

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Thanks guys! I'm not explaining it very well.

I've melted it (e-wax) in my presto pot then added it to other ingredients to make a product. The end product I want to melt or dissolve in the bath tub.... what I made is just sitting in the water and not dissipating. Hope that makes more sense.

Is their any type of emulsifying product that will dissolve in water, ex: Incroquat CR Concentrate , Cetyl Alcohol NF , etc ?? TIA :wink2:

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