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Candlechem scents I just got


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OK, so I ordered these FOs and almost none smell good OOB to me.

Here is what I got:

Baby Powder

Coconut Lime Verbena

Cucumber and Cantaloupe

Honeydew Melon

Honeysuckle and Magnolia

Papaya and Mango

Storm Watch Type



Pink Grapefruit

Frankencense and Myrrh

Anyone know if any of these are good, or is my nose on the fritz?


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I've only tried 2 (I think ) - Patchouli- very good one

Cedar- did not throw as well ( in soy )

you might be suprised after you've put them in wax. I have also noticed that I get new FO's, if they are a bit warm from shipping, they smell better after they have sat a bit inside, and also sniff the tops, not the bottle itself.

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i do not think many of there scents smell good out of the bottle but i ended up liking several after trying them out. i mix some of them two to get a scent i like better. i get them since they are stronger than alto i have tried. i have not tried any of the ones on your list. i would try them out tho.

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Tia, some plastic bottles are stinky by themselves inside so it could mask the scent. I know I ordered some Birthday cake from Lonestar a month ago and thought it smelled fuel like oob and then I made a candle with it big difference. I don't like the plastic bottles for that reason. There is no true test until it is put into wax.

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I buy quite a few fo's from candlechem, and most of them smell funky oob to me. I haven't tried any of the ones on your list though, except the cucumber and cantalope, and I love that one. You really can't judge this suppliers scents oob though, much , much better in wax.

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