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Hi I am new

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I have been reading your board for months now. I really enjoy the fragrance discussions. Hopefully I will be able to give advice one day!

Well I have made a small plunge into the soy candle making world!:yay: I have hundreds of soy candles I have purchased but I want to give it a whirl! I live close to Candle Science and am going to pick up my stuff in a few hours! Here is what I got to start:

8oz. Mason Jar (12pc case)

Ecosoya CB 135 10 lb. Bag

1 oz. Honeysuckle Jasmine

1 oz. Cranberry Marmalade

1 oz. Mulberry

1 oz. Blueberry Cobbler

Candle and Soap Scale

Wick Bars

Pouring Pitcher

LX Series 6 inch Wick Kit

Glue Dots 1000 pc. Box

I am not adding dye. What temp would you heat too and what temp would you add fragrance? I am using the 8oz sq. mason jars.


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Hi there and welcome.

I've never used your particular wax and I'm pretty new to this myself, so my advice would have to be do a search for temperatures (personally I heat to 170 and add oil and dye then cool to about 110 or 120 and pour, everyone is different) and test a bunch of different methods, see what works.

Good luck and have fun!!

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Hello and Welcome to CT. Usually the supplier will tell you what temp you should heat the wax and when you might want to add the FO. If they don't tell you, then ask. It might also be on their site.

Good Luck and Welcome to the addiction,

Mindy :)

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Hi! I wish I lived near Candlescience, but I am in VA and so I order from them regularly. You'll really like the Cramberry Marmalade and Honeysuckle Jasmine. Those are great scents. I also love the Black Currant and Nectarine. I tested 135 for a bit and would suggest that you do a search on here to get more info. If I remember correctly, you can pour that wax kind of hot, so I would test various pouring temps from slushy stage up to about 150 and see what works best for you in whatever jar you test in. Different jars may require different pouring temps. Have fun!!

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Hi and welcome! You will get hooked on this for sure! It may be frustrating at times, but when you get a nice candle that burns correctly and smells great, it will be worth the effort. Everyone here is very helpful too. Also, when you get one you like, be sure and take a picture and post it in the Gallery!

geek :cool2:

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Greetings "J"...

I wish I lived near CS--they r the best!! I have been getting some supplies from them for almost a year now. As a matter of fact, I was just talking to Mike today about an FO I was looking for. They are great people!!

I agree w/your desision to try the LX wicks, although I use the CB Advanced. Call them anytime and they will help you. I also really like their new wick guide on the site, as it is wax specific.

Use their guidelines as far as melting/pouring/adding FO's., and go from there. I adjust my pour temp according to the weather...lol.

Have fun!!!!

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