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cardboard air fresheners


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i would like to start dabbling in the new cardboard air fresheners.. i have placed an order for some of the colored shapes but i would also like to order some of the shapes that kangeroo blue also has.. as i need to order some other things from them.. the thing is kangaroo blue does not offer them in color.. i would really like my shapes all in color.. and i was just brain storming wondering how i could color them.. i was wondering what you all thought.. about possibly using watered down food coloring to color the paper shapes ?? has anyone tried this ? do you think it would work ? i don't want to use paint.. i think acrylics would be just to heavy on this paper.. and i don't think the fo would even soak into the paper.. if painted on that way.. i would love to hear any suggestions..

thanks for all your wonderful help. it is so wonderful to come here and no matter what type of question i may have i receive so many wonderful responses.. i just love it..

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oh my goodness.. Stacie.. i didn't even know about this site.. another new site to check out.. thank you so much !!!! looks like laundry is going to wait a little longer.. i'm not going anywhere.. until i fully check this out.. :P

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does anyone know if any local craft supply stores carry aroma sheets ? i'm going shopping today.. and thought i would take a look at possilby hobby lobby, joannes fabrics, ben franklin. has anyone seen these in the stores? i will be ordering but i thought if i go out today i'd check it out..

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