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Mineral Oil for Mottling

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Would this also work with j50? I'd like to try mottling containers and j50 is the wax I have in excess at the moment. TIA.
Hi Hillary. To make mottled containers you need to use straight paraffin - J50 won't work at all. You could try some IGI 1288B from CandleScience. If that's too far from you I may be able to help you find something closer.

Unless you want to make them unscented you won't actually need mineral oil. The FO will mottle the wax.

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I thought that was kind of a long shot. I did look at Candle Science and I think that's probably as close as anyplace else. Thanks. I'm trying to use up what I've got before I order anything else right now, hence, the j50 question. So much wax to try, so little money!

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