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I've been to both of the Lowe's local to me and neither one of them are carrying in and according to the manager of one of them, they have no intentions of doing so. :angry2:

I am glad for those of you that found replacements for the red devil lye in your local area.

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Being new to all this, lye was the hardest item for me to acquire.

I didnt want to order online, but after searching locally for almost a week, Id given up hope.

As it turned out, I needed to stop by Ace hardware to pickup a new extension cord. Low and behold they stock 100% lye crystal in the plumbing area.

Hope that everyone else can find lye locally as well .... ordering online is such a pain.


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One of my 2 local lowes carries the roebic lye, one in a new area one in a not so great area.

I also happened in walmart today and saw the drano crystals, says 100% sodium hydroxide but of course the can is sealed shut so I can't check for metal shavings. Has anyone else checked this stuff out?

It's 5 and change for 17 ozs, a little more expensive but I'm almost never in lowes and really don't want to go just to buy lye.


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