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My display shelf


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Those are great looking shelves. Is the side and back frame wood? Sort of looks like 1x2s in the picture. Love the black frame with light colored shelving. What is the bottom of the frame like? Someone did a wonderful job making those for you.

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In case you're interesed in knowing (if you didn't already), there are two things you can do to get a better pix next time ... set your camera to use the flash (assuming it has a flash w/ a manual override) and focus on one of your candles by pressing the shutter button 1/2 way down to lock the focus, reframe your pix (center it how you'd like), & then press the button all the way down. It shouldn't matter if you're photographing in front of a window.

That must be nice to have some good lookin' display shelves that are easy to set up & take down. :smiley2:

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Aw thanx guys! Yes Trish, I made it myself. It stands about 6 1/2 foot tall, and is about 3 feet wide. I put smaller shelves on the top for candles, and deeper shelves on the bottom so I can line up the b/b items. As I said, the back and sides are all connected by hinges, so all you have to do is set it down and open it. Then the shelves sit on top, and I used doll rods to "lock" a few shelves into the frame for stability. I load that baby up, and have absolutely no problems!!

My company is Black Swamp, so the black backround worked out nicely. I have always liked the lighter colored shelves with a darker backround. I like to go natural with my wood. And yep, I framed that bad boy up with 1x2's. Not sure what you meant about the base:undecided They made it lightweight, and as I said, it is very easy to set up!

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