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Lotion Label


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What do you think about this? I am trying to get a line going for the younger crowd. Am I going to far? I'm really tired so I can't decide for myself whether I like it or not. I will have all other info on the back, but then again I am also thinking of doing a wrap around label. Oh, I was thinking the Body spray I would do the same thing. Just change product name.


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how young of a population are you targeting? IMO, that label would appeal to younger girls. Teenagers/young adults would be more apt to go for the the same type of label that women do (since they want to play like the big girls lol). I do think that color in the label would be most eye "appealing" to them though.

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I think they rock!! You might want to mix up the girls' hair color though (some brunettes, redheads,blondes, etc.) just my opinion. ;)

I think my 13 year old daughter would think those were COOL. :D

You are very talented girl!! Everything you do is sooo creative!

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