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  1. Hi Amanda!! As long as the oils are kept in a cool dark light proof conditions, it should last for quite a while. I have oils that have been in my possession for 4+years and they are STILL good... When they become 'bad' the go 'rancid' and you can definitely detect it with your nose. Butters will actually get a sharp, almost vinegar like odor as will most oils. If all else fails and you are concerned, just use them for soaping
  2. Coconut oil will make for alot of lather but can also be a bit drying.. If you up the cco, you may want to adjust your other oils/butters to add conditioning. It really is the marriage of a few different oils that give that happy balance of lather and conditioning IMO.
  3. Hey thanks for the help. I like Orange Smoothie too.
  4. I was just going to suggest Bunny's Bootylicious!! It really is very nice and I think is what you are looking for
  5. I have a new FO called "Soul Survivor" that I am looking to rename for my sugar scrubs. It smells exactly like an Orange Creamsicle. Which of these do you think is most fitting for a sugar scrub: Orange Creamsicle Citrusicle Orange Smoothie Citrus Dreams That's all I have. All suggestions are welcome Thanks for the help!
  6. Hey Bruce, those look wonderful!! I was fortunate enough to have tanya show me how to do those when she was here for a visit. I didn't quite get the hang of it but like you, I didn't have much time to devote to it. Yours look a hell of a lot better than mine that's for sure.
  7. Pam I've tried just about every known oil in my body butter and have come to the realization that all of the "light" oils perform similarly. The one I prefer is Meadowfoam Seed oil, but it is pretty expensive. Fractionated Coconut oil is a nice and cheaper alternative. What really makes the big difference is the additives you use. I found in order for cornstarch to impart a "silky" less greasy feeling, you really have to use alot of it, which in turn causes the butter to get hard! Some of the silicone based "degreasers" are wonderful to use as they give the silky soft feeling without comprom
  8. If you wanna check 'em out, I'll sell ya mine at a HUGELY discounted price. I think I used a few of the colors once or twice. I have the "sample" kit that has a small bottle of each color. Might be a nice way to try them out and a good way for me to make some room!! Let me know...
  9. Holy Cow!!!!!! I leave for a short time and come back to Sherie making masterpiece soaps?!!!!! Fantastic job girl. You're going to have to demonstrate that for me if/when I get out that way
  10. Beautiful work Julie! The colors are amazing girl!!
  11. i think that depending on the salts used, they actually help to draw out impurites/toxins from the skin. For me, salt scrubs work awesome on my oily skin, especially in the summertime. And yes, I know exactly what you mean in your description of the purpose of each and it's true. Currently I offer only an emulsified sugar scrub but I think I am going to research/experiment with some salt scrubs for the summer season.
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