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Labeling for scent injected bears. Am doing one for my Mom for her birthday and wanted to create a proper label for it. I have been inspired by Scented, so ya'll keep your fingers crossed that I do mine as well as the one she did for me. :)

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* The fragrance will decrease over time if the animal is kept at room temperature. To refresh the scent, heat with a blow dryer for about a minute. Do NOT keep the blow dryer in the same spot as the bear can catch on fire from the heat. This will need to be done every few weeks or so, or as desired.

* Never put wax-dipped animals directly on wood. A dish, glass or metal, will protect the wood surface from stain by the oils in the wax.

* Keep out of the reach of children, as these animals are no longer toys.

* Wax dipped animals do NOT need wicks because they are NOT meant to burn. They are only to be used as decorative air fresheners.

* The bears will naturally lose scent over time. Since they sit at room temperature, naturally they cannot “throw” scent as well as a candle or potpourri burner.

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Don't put heat on it!

Since we attach our bears to plates, we pretty much highly suggest they keep the bear on the plate as the oils used will affect wood and plastic surfaces, keep away from kids and pets (mouths of all kinds), bear isn't a toy and to refresh, we suggest gently squeezing in a few places.

I'm sure your bear will be adorable :D

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