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J225 Container Wax

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I noticed last night that Candles and Supplies is now selling J225 a new blend of container wax. I was wondering if anyone has tried this yet and how it works for you? I currently use J223, but it looks as if this new J225 holds more fragrance with out leakage which would help a great deal with the heavier fragrances (i.e. Sugar Cookie, Amish Harvest, Buttercream and so on). I think I may buy some to check it out. Any advice welcome!

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I tried it when it first came out, and wasn't all that impressed with it. But, it's the first paraffin wax I ever tried and don't really care for it at all. It is extremely expensive for my tastes since I don't pour very many candles at one time.

It does have good scent throw, but leaves a huge dip around the wick which requires a repour to fill it in.

This is just not my kind of wax. :rolleyes2

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This is a one pour wax and you shouldn't have to do re-pours.

Are you using an additive in it?

I have never had to do a repour with any of mine using this wax.

I think it is great, adheres well and great scent throw.

I have not used the 223 but have used the J50 and like it much much better than J50.

It is quite expensive but worth it IMO...

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I didn't use any additives in this wax and tried different temperatures for pouring. Still came up with a big dip, but it did adhere to the container very well. Since I am not that familiar with paraffin, I might have been doing something wrong.

It had a good scent throw, but I had problems with sooting on my containers. Could have been the wicks I was using at the time; I believe I was using LX wicks then.

I prefer a soy/paraffin blend over this one. Besides, I think the cost is too expensive for what I want to pay.

Since I have some of this left over, I am trying to blend this with something else to use it up. Just need more time to work with it.

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When they first came out with free samples I got 10LBs of the J225 and if the price was lower would be carrying it now,,I loved it,,,When I look at the 2 I like them well enough the same,,,YES it adheres to the glass well and burns great BUT so does the J223. So between the 2 I would stay with J223. JMHO,,,;)

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