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Ok, we're still learning . . .

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Thanks for the comments, everyone. Those are 5oz. (yes, we trim the wicks down a bit before sale) We currently also offer 16oz, but we're contemplating changing our glasses for those. And CandleMan, thanks for the tip on the ribbons. We didn't even consider that possibility.

Toasted Coconut (16oz. and 5oz.)


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I have to agree w/ everyone else .... those look really nice! :cheesy2:

Just a thought, an opinion really .... I've come to deeply appreciate containers that have lids. Nothing more unappealing than a candle w/ a top coat of dust (for those of us who burn less often than others), especially for stickier/softer type waxes (i.e. IGI 6006).

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I would not change your jars, I love the simplicity of them, I know lids are nice but quite frankly when I buy a candle and burn they lid goes right in the garbage, I hate having to worry about one more piece of clutter. The ribbons are very nice. I think the look you have is cool, the kind that says more Spa to me than craft show, maybe you could market yourself to boutiques and Spas, those would look great in a basket with B&B items.

JMHO, I love them, did I say I love them? LOL

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